We do not collect any location, personal or other information. Vit80 retrieves your location and speed using your mobile's GPS. Vit80 saves the GPS points when you manually change the speed limit, these points are saved only in the database of your mobile.

The permissions required by Vit80 are only used for the proper functioning of the application and for nothing else.

The permission for locate is mandatory to obtain the speed via the GPS and the positioning for automatic speed changes. It is also used to provide ads.

From Android 10, when Vit80 is in the background, in order for Vit80 to always alert you when exceeding the speed limit, speed limit changes, the location permission must be set to "Always allow". If you do not give this permission, Android will not send GPS information to Vit80.
If you are not using Vit80 in the background, this permission is not necessary.

The permission to record audio files is only used to access the microphone for voice control. No audio file is recorded.

The permission to access photos and multimedia contents is only used to select sound alerts.